Development Team

Rob Archer, Thomasin Foshay, Bob Pingry, Andrew Boninti

CSH Development

701 E. Water Street
Suite 301
Charlottesville, VA 22902
Andrew Boninti, President

The CSH team is composed of community residents who have decades of experience in site development, building construction, and design.

Design + Construction

Fred Wolf
Dave Ackerman
José Alvarez
Jill Traylor-Mayo
Gregg Bleam
Mike Castle
Project Executive
Ryan Byrd
Project Manager

CODE is an architectural response to an irregularly shaped, complexly sloping site in a historic district. The building’s massing is low at the Main Street entrance, in deference to the scale of neighboring buildings on the Downtown Mall. The structure steps up gently as it wraps around the site to its primary mass on Water Street, where its scale is comparable to its neighbors. The spiraling nature of the building creates the framework for a courtyard, an amphitheater, and a pedestrian gallery within its core; inviting to tenants and the larger community.

Fred Wolf

Leasing Agent

Andrew Boninti